Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment.

You will be asked to complete a Personal Health Form prior to your massage. Massage services do not replace medical treatment!

Couples Massage

Hot Stone Massage

Swedish Massage

Therapeutic Massage


Improves muscle function, joint flexibility, and range of motion by manipulating the body's soft tissues. Our therapist will exert medium to firm pressure, and use advanced therapeutic techniques such as myofascial release and precision muscular therapy to stimulate circulation to help to alleviate pain, discomfort, and stress.

30 minutes | $75

60 minutes | $105

90 minutes | $140

Are you recovering from an injury or experiencing chronic pain, limited mobility, or muscle pain and tension? Focusing on deeper layers of muscle tissue, this intense therapeutic massage uses deep pressure on trigger points to relieve soreness and promote circulation, as well as various stretching techniques to improve range of motion.

30 minutes | $80

60 minutes | $120

90 minutes | $150-$175

This calming full body massage gently eases overall aches and tension, improves circulation, and promotes relaxation.

30 minutes | $65

60 minutes | $90

90 minutes | $135

When you only have a short amount of time to spend with us, let us focus on your tension-retaining areas!

Specify neck, shoulders, and back | $66

Specify legs and feet | $66

This exceptionally soothing treatment includes a variety of massage techniques. Using warm basalt stones, we will apply gentle to moderate pressure to bring deep relief to tense muscles and sore joints. Hot stone therapy is not available as an option for couples massage, and is not recommended during pregnancy.

60 minutes | $150

30 minutes I $75

A nurturing massage is a wonderful way to relax, improve circulation, relieve back aches, and reduce fluid retention during pregnancy. We have a special pregnancy belly cradle that reduces pressure and provides exceptional comfort and support for the lower back. This is amazing! So much better than lying on your side, with pillow bolsters. Be sure to check with your doctor before scheduling your appointment. You must be past your first trimester to receive this service. Not available as part of a couples massage.

30 minutes I $70

60 minutes | $100

90 minutes | $145

Share the stress relieving benefits of massage with a friend or loved one! Each person may select the type of 60 or 90 minute massage they prefer from our service menu. Massages are given side by side by two therapists on two separate tables. Priced according to each of the two specific treatments selected. Promotional discounts are not applicable to this service. Please note that hot stone or mother-to-be massages are not available as part of the couples massage.

Achieve a greater range of motion, and relieve muscle soreness and tension.This service is geared towards athletes, kids (12 years and older) that are in sports – and anyone that plays any sport - professionally or recreationally. You will be stretched from head to toe, including from 30-40 stretches during this 40-minute session.

Our Licensed Massage Therapist is a Certified Myoskeletal Therapist as well as a Certified Personal Trainer with over 40 years of experience.

K-2 Kinesiology Taping can be added to this service for an additional charge. Ask our Therapist!

Achieve relief naturally, without the need for over-the-counter or prescription drugs. This gentle treatment can eliminate or dramatically reduce most headache symptoms within 30-45 minutes. Cold stone therapy consists of massage therapy utilizing specific headache point releases, combined with essentials oils applied to the face and pulse points. The use of special cold marble stones placed along key headache sites reduces inflammation of blood vessels.

For migraines, consider this to be a preventative treatment. For best results, schedule your therapy as soon as you experience the early symptoms.

30 minute treatment only | $55

additional 15 minutes of treatment only | $25

Experience a taste of two of our most popular services – the 30-minute express facial and the 30 minute Swedish massage.

Cupping has been practiced for thousands of years in Egyptian and Chinese medicine. Our Therapist applies a silicone cupping tool to an area of the body, pulling the muscle outward into the cup. This therapy helps aid the healing process of over-used muscles and helps the lymphatic and immune systems.

30 minutes I $35


A cotton thread is pulled along unwanted facial hair in a twisting motion, trapping hair in a mini lasso, and lifting it out of the hair follicle. If you are sensitive to waxing, or are using Retin-A products, threading is a good choice for you!

Brow I $25

Lip I $20

Brow wax and arching I $25

eyebrow tint | $25

lip | $15-$18

chin | $22

sides of face | $20-$28

Pricing can be customized for multiple areas.

underarm | $35

half arm | $40

full arm | $55

half leg | $50

full leg | $77-$99

chest | $30-$55

back | $70

Pricing can be customized for multiple areas.

bikini | starting at $40

brazilian | starting at $70

Pricing can be customized for multiple areas.