Your hair should reflect your sense of fashion and your personality. Consult with our stylists about the latest trends, and the look that's right for you!

shampoo, cut & style | $30

men's neck clean-up | complimentary

highlights | $330

Color for men takes gray “undercover” – as much or as little as you like. Subtle, natural looking results in only 10 minutes | $32

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For a polished, professional appearance, get a manicure at least once a month.

mens sport manicure A moisturizing soak to soften the skin, followed by a shaping of nails and meticulous cuticle work. Then, a stimulating massage and high gloss buff ‘n shine | $25

mens sport pedicure De-stress in our fantastic spa pedicure chairs, with a deep, invigorating hydro-massage. The cushy, leather chair backs recline, and have a roller massage feature. Relax in a moisturizing soak, followed by exfoliation, callus, nail and cuticle care. A deep foot massage will relax your entire body, and your nails will be buffed to a high gloss shine | $55


mens facial
Shaving can create unique problems for a man’s face. Relieve razor related redness, calm razor bumps, deep-clean clogged pores and even reduce breakouts with our Man Facial. This customized treatment exfoliates skin to expose ingrown hairs as it soothes and hydrates to address shaving induced irritation and dryness. Please arrive for your appointment clean-shaven! | $125

hair removal
eyebrow trimming and shaping | $25

chest or back | starting at $32

half leg | $60

full leg | $85

half arm | $40

full arm | $55

underarm | $35


swedish massage
Relax with a full body Swedish massage that eases overall aches and tension.

60 minutes | $90

90 minutes | $135

deep tissue massage
If you are experiencing muscle pain and tension from physical labor or recreational activities or stress, the Deep Tissue Massage is for you.

60 minutes | $120

90 minutes | $150-$175

hot stone massage
Using warm basalt stones infused with aromatherapy oils, our therapist will apply gentle pressure to bring deep relief to tense muscles and sore joints. Our Hot Stone Massage is the ultimate relaxation experience!

60 minutes | $150

express massage
If you don’t have time for a full body massage, the Express is for you. We’ll focus on the most tension filled and hard-to-reach spots – your neck, shoulders, and back.

30 minute Swedish | $65

30 minute deep tissue | $80

couples massage
Share the stress relieving benefits of massage with a loved one! Our Couples Massages are given side by side on two treatment tables. Each person may select the type of massage they prefer from our service menu. Prices according to the treatment selected. Promotional discounts are not applicable to this service.